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The future is already there

Discover the Vehicle-To-Grid, an essential building block for the energy transition

Under the hood of your electric vehicle lies an unsuspected potential… to participate in a better use of energy.

The Vehicle-To-Grid, or V2G, allows you to use your electric vehicles as a means of energy storage and to reinject electricity into your site for various services when they are not in use.

Electricity is stored in the vehicle’s battery when it is cheap and decarbonized, for example when there is a lot of wind generation at night. This energy is then re-injected to the building during peak consumption periods, when electricity is expensive and carbon intensive, thus avoiding the use of CO₂ emitting thermal power plants.

V2G allows the integration of renewable energies and the reduction of CO₂ emissions, saving everyone money!

A seamless experience

Stay in control: your vehicle is always charged according to your needs.

Thanks to our mobile application Dreev, follow in real time the progress of your “electric fill” (km) and plan your trips. An urgent need? Our 11 kW V2G charging station guarantees you fast and flexible charging.

It’s never been easier: plug in and we will take care of the rest!

That is the core of our mission: to manage a large number of connected charging stations, while ensuring that each vehicle is charged according to its owner’s needs.

V2G for companies and local authorities

Choose V2G and become an actor of the energy transition

Do you have a fleet of vehicles? Let’s use it to involve your staff in an ecological and innovative approach that supports the development of renewable energies. Thanks to our management platform, you can communicate internally and externally about your CO₂ savings.

Dreev and its partners offer turnkey solutions integrating consulting, installation and operation of digital terminals and services allowing you to manage your mobility and your budget.

Yes, you can become a full-fledged actor of the electrical system and one of the precursors of an innovative and ecological technology.

Click below to discover the V2G Izivia offer and check your eligibility.

I want to know more about it.


Some of the most frequent questions about V2G. If you have others, please reach us in the contact page below.
  • Does the V2G offer bind me to an energy supplier?”

    Mitch, landlord

    No, the V2G offer is independent of the selected energy supplier. Moreover, the commitment on the duration of the V2G service can be different from the one of the electricity supply. If you change your energy supplier, don’t worry, your charging infrastructure and your smart-charging service will be maintained. We simply ask you to notify us of your change of electricity supplier.

    For more information, please refer to the general and specific sales conditions of our partners’ offers.

  • Can I do V2G with other electric vehicles other than Nissan (Renault Zoé, Peugeot E-208, etc…)?”

    Kamala, CEO

    Today, Nissan is the only car manufacturer to have a range of electric vehicles with bi-directional capabilities. Other manufacturers such as PSA have developed this capability on some models, such as the Peugeot iOn and Citroën C0 (on post-2017 vehicles only) or the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. The EDF Group is working with the entire automotive ecosystem to develop and generalize V2G within the next few years and make it available to several brands, notably via the CCS charging standard.

  • “Will my battery be discharged when I need my vehicle?”

    Amy, fleet manager

    Our priority is to ensure that your mobility needs are met at all times. Therefore, we will ask you for information about your usage to ensure that your battery will be charged when you need it.

    At any time, you can actualize your mobility needs via our mobile application. In case of unforeseen circumstances, you can stop the service and force the charge of your vehicle.

  • What is V2G?

    John, EV driver

    The principle of V2G is to optimize electric vehicle’s batteries when they are not being used for driving by charging and/or discharging them at the most appropriate moments. For example, the electric vehicle’s battery can be used to store excess renewable energy production, to reinject energy into the network during consumption peak, or to stabilize electric grid.

  • Will the V2G service degrade my battery?

    Peter, technician

    An uncontrolled load can, over time, cause premature wear of your battery. On the other hand, by controlling your charge, you can limit the charge to your needs and thus preserve the life of your battery.

    Dreev works closely with partner car manufacturers, who guarantee that the services performed by Dreev are covered by the battery warranty


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