About Dreev

Dreev is a joint venture between EDF and the Californian start-up NUVVE.

We are a team of about 15 people who want to contribute to the development of smart charging. We are building Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology in Europe with the support of NUVVE, a pioneer in the field.

We have already deployed more than 200 charging stations with companies and local authorities. EDF has integrated V2G technology in its fleet electrification program. We invite you to join us in the V2G adventure and thank you for your interest in this innovative technology.

We will be happy to answer all your messages sent through the contact form (or directly on contact@dreev.com).

logo EDF

In 2018, EDF launched its mobility plan with the ambition to become the European leader in electric mobility and smart-charging.

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Nuvve Corporation is a Californian company that pioneered the development of V2G technology.

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